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Best Seller as of July 2017

Hello, all!

I have an update on what my best Stock Photo seller has been as of July 2017. I have been selling at two main stock agencies: Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. I do okay on these sites for being an amateur photographer, so that’s pretty cool. Let’s get into what my best seller has been!

Adobe Stock Sales
Shutterstock Earnings

As you can see, I have sold this image 7 times at Adobe, and 6 times at Shutterstock. I have made a combined total of $3.94 with this image (making the big bucks I know!). Here is the original image before I made any edits:

This picture came from a photoshoot I did with my Stock Photography class. We went to a practice medical center on campus, and had students act as patients! It was a lot of fun and it taught me a lot about working with models and posing people. And it obviously brought some good, useful photos! The keywords I used on this photo were: pregnant woman; contractions; hospital; IV in hand; pain; painful; labor; baby; in labor; painful contractions.

I am excited to continue selling this photo and to continue building my portfolio with these two agencies. Thanks for reading!


Top 10 Stock Photos Spring 2017

Here are my most recent (and most favorite) stock photos! Have a look!

Potted Plant with Long Green Leaves with White background sitting in creative pot Portrait of Happy Candid Smiling Handsome Man Wearing Blue Shirt with Watergfall in Background Portrait of Young Woman Brunette Wearing Colorful Shirt Smiling at Camera with Wind Blowing Hair and Waterfall in Background Tan Textured Sunglasses Folded Down against White Background Pink and Black Scissors with White Background for the office Colorful Rubix Cube with Black Background Purple Nail Polish with Black Lid with White background

Magazine Spread Final!

Hey, all! Remember when I shared with you all my magazine spread draft? (Magazine Draft Blog Post) Well, today I am going to show you the finished product after I made some adjustments!

Process: Now, to be honest, my final finished design is not that different from my draft, but that is just because I put a lot of work into it in the beginning to make it really good, and so I had less work to do during this part of it. In order to create this final product though, I did ask for some help and feedback. I received some really good help and I was able to make some adjustments that made my project what it is right now! I also had the opportunity to help some people with their projects! I helped Mark Ormsby, Erin Hosford, and Nathan Day. I feel like I was helpful for them and I was grateful for their help too!

The things that I changed from my draft, were the colors and I added some little picture tabs to make it look kind of like a scrapbook. I also added myself as the author. Take a look!

Links to Images: Graduation Image (Photographed by my dad) – Image of Christ

Fonts Used: Title – Cursif. Body Copy – Lane Narrow.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to do this project and to work on projects like this to test me. This design class has been a lot of work, but has also been so enlightening. I have loved doing these projects and showing off my work on my blog! I hope you like it and thanks for reading!!

Stock Photos!

For the past couple of months, I have been working on taking stock photos and submitting them to stock agencies! It has been a pretty fun ride and I am writing this post today to share with you how it has gone so far!

Making money with a stock agency can be really hard at first. In order to do well and make some actual money, you have to be taking good pictures all the time, editing them well, and uploading them consistently. Luckily, once you do that for a while and you have a large portfolio, you can make a lot of sales! To be honest, I have not been doing those things, and so I have not been making very many sales. But, I am very proud of the sales that I have made!

Below is the picture that has made me the most money. I got $1.88 for it (that’s a pretty big deal in the micro-stock photo world). It was sold on StockPhoto and someone from Colorado bought it.

It looks pretty nice huh? Would you pay almost $2 for this photo?? I would. Especially after knowing the work I put into it. Here is the original:

Process: The process of this photo is actually kind of funny. This photo was taken because I had an assignment due where I had to take the background out of a couple of images, and I have no idea what things I could take the backgrounds out of! So I looked around my house for random objects and I found this hammer and decided it would make a great stock photo. As you can see, there is a white piece of paper underneath my hammer. I did this because I did not like the shadow/pattern the carpet put on my hammer, but I had to have it on the carpet because my living room offered the best lighting, so I put a piece of paper underneath the hammer to block out some of the carpet! After taking the picture, I went into photoshop and removed the background and also removed some of the labels and things on the hammer. With my now finished photo, I uploaded it to my selected stock agencies and made a sale a week or so later!

I am excited to continue to working with stock photos and to also hopefully continue making more sales! Thanks for reading!

Magazine Spread Draft

This week, I have been working on a magazine spread (2 pages) that would be able to go into the Ensign. Obviously, I am not actually writing for the Ensign, but for this project I am pretending I am. Let me share my process with you!

Process: To start out, I wrote what I wanted my “piece” to be about. I brainstormed ideas and researched Ensign articles and what they were about, and decided to share a personal story of mine about the Atonement. The message of my story is about understanding and using the different parts of the Atonement and how powerful it is. The audience I envisioned for this story is anyone who might be struggling with something painful and could use and uplifting story. After writing it out and getting all the wording and such right, I moved on to what I wanted my spread to look like. I started with a few sketches of what I thought I wanted the spread to look like. Then, in InDesign, I created a “shape map.” Here is what my shape map looked like:

I did not want to put my story in there yet because I was not sure if this was how it was going to turn out, so I just filled all the text boxes with filler text (aka jibberish). Now with my shape map created, I was able to get a good feel for how I wanted my spread to really look and feel. From here, I created my draft and basically all I did was replace the jibberish with my story and put my pictures in! I was feeling pretty good about what I made, but I still wanted to share it with my peers so I went to them and asked for some advice. They made a few really helpful suggestions, and with those I was able to go back to my project and create the draft that I am sharing today! I am planning on making a few more changes in the future (that is why I am calling it a draft). Take a look at what I created!

Links to Images: Graduation Image (Photographed by my dad) – Image of Christ

Fonts Used: Title – Cursif. Body Copy – Lane Narrow.

Thanks for reading!

Website Design

Now, I am not a website designer, but I think if I knew how to code and do all that complicated stuff, I feel like I would be pretty good at it! For this project, we were supposed to design a website page that a coder could use. Here is what I came up with!

Process: To start out, I drafted an idea of what I wanted the web page to look like. I put in boxes for where the text and images would be, and drew out how I wanted the web page to look.

After my sketch, I went to Photoshop and created an even more detailed shape map of how I wanted the web page to look. This step was really helpful because it helped me to see where things would be placed in my document with the correct sizing. Here is what my shape map looks like:

With this shape map, I was able to create my project. Though I did changes things a little bit when I got down to actually placing things, I think it turned out really great and this shape map was really helpful!

Critique: After I created my design, I went to my peers and asked them for some help. They (and my wonderful teacher) offered some really helpful feedback! I did not make many big changes, but I did make changes that made big differences. I am really grateful for the feedback that I was offered and I am also grateful that people are so kind and helpful! I was also able to offer some feedback to some peers, they were: Ellie Simon, Andrew Carroll, and Jordan Cook.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic – Blue

Fonts: Title – BodoniXT. Copy – Lane Narrow

Images: HeaderFaceBerriesWalkwayRed TreeDogSunsetFlowerLights

Easy Camera Hacks

Here is an awesome video of some super easy camera hacks you can use to up your photography game! Enjoy!


Breakfast with Parks and Rec

One thing you should know about me, is that I love the TV show Parks and Recreation. I think it is the funniest show ever and I have rewatched the show about 12 times and so I am very emotionally connected the each of the characters. With that said, when this project of a T-Shirt design came up, I knew exactly what I wanted my design to be about.

This design is based off a quote that a character Leslie Knope from the show. Leslie loves breakfast, she and another character (Ron Swanson) share that feeling. This quote is from season 2 episode 20 when Ron and Leslie are having breakfast and Leslie says “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast foods?” and Ron says “People are idiots Leslie.” Later on, in the show (Season 7, episode 4), the same thing is said, except the roles are switched. So it is a pretty well known and recognizable phrase from the show, which makes it a great concept for a T-shirt design.


Sketching: To start out, I went to paper and pencil and started sketching out some ideas of what I thought might work for a t-shirt. I looked up my favorite quotes, and from there, took concepts from them and created some ideas. For this project, we were only supposed to use 4 colors for the design, so I had to keep that in mind while sketching. Here is how I started with my sketches: (click to see larger versions)


First Drafts: After feeling pretty good about my sketches and what I wanted to do, I went to my laptop and started creating my design. I chose to do the breakfast quote and put some waffles and whipped cream next to it because Leslie Knope LOVE waffles and whipped cream. With my first draft (shown below on the left) I had all my elements: The text in a “Leslie Knope” type font, the waffles on a plate, and the whipped cream. But I was not that happy with it. I knew that this was not all that it could be, and it looked pretty lame for a t-shirt design, so I went back at it and created my second draft (shown below on the right). I was much more pleased with this design, but I knew that it still needed something to make it a nice, cohesive t-shirt design. So, I took it to my peers and asked what they thought.


More Drafts: I received some really helpful feedback from my peers, and I also learned a few things about what makes good t-shirt designs. With my feedback in mind and my new knowledge, I went back to my project, and created my third draft (see below). I order to make my design flow better and be more cohesive, I put everything onto a plate, and had the plate be the background of everything. I was really happy with this change because I feel like it really brings all the elements together. I also added an egg, to fill the space at the bottom and to fit in with the “breakfast” theme.


Even More Drafts: Having made all those changes, I wanted to see what my peers thought of them. So I asked for some feedback and got some helpful stuff! Mu husband suggested add another yolk, because “nobody ever eats just one egg,” I also added a little bit of a highlight to the yolks to make them look shiny. Here is my 4th draft and the changes I made circled:


Final(ly): After I added the yolks and the highlight, I spent a day away from it, just taking a break from staring at it for hours at a time. Then, I came back and decided that I did not like the polka-dot highlight on the eggs, and created a much simpler highlight. In my opinion, that small change, made the whole design much better and flow just the way that I wanted it to. Below, is my final, and beautiful draft.


I am so very happy with how this turned out. I think the waffles are awesome, the eggs look great, the text flows very nicely, and having everything on the plate is just right. I am really excited to have this as a t-shirt of my own, and because my sister also loves Parks and Rec (possibly even more), I got one for her and we are going to have our own Parks and Rec marathons wearing our awesome t-shirts designed by me.

Thanks for reading!

I’d Watch This Movie

I love movies. I love going to new ones, spending my time watching them, and critiquing them with friends. Something that goes along with movies, are movie posters. When a movie poster is done well, it can be an amazing piece of marketing for that movie.

For this project, I was supposed to create a movie poster using a picture of me, and another picture. Here is what I came up with!

Process: Creating this movie poster was really fun. It was something that I had never done before, and I found that I really enjoy it! For this project, I used a photo of myself at Mesa Falls sitting on the rocks above the falls, and also a photo of some more trees that I masked onto the shape of my body. The message that I wanted to convey with this poster was a sense of mystery and adventure. I think that if this movie was marketed well, I would totally watch it!

Critiques: I was able to receive some really helpful feedback on my project. I took my first draft to my peers and from them, I was able to create this awesome poster you see before you! I also had the opportunity to give critique to some fellow classmates. I talked to Shara Lotti Lane, Shara Lotti Lane, and Heidi Nelson Thurgood.

Fonts: Titles: Bebas Neue and Beyond the Mountains. Bottom Font: SF Movie Poster.

Images: The main image was taken by me and Tree image

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