1. Description: For this project I was to create three different logos using the Adobe program Illustrator.
  2. Process: I started by sketching and coming up with ideas for my logos. This took a while because I had lots of ideas. Then I started creating them in Illustrator. I made all the shapes myself and had to apply my own typography. I made sure to include three different styles and color schemes. After getting a couple critiques I fixed several things and came up with these designs!
  3. Message: Message is that I have a photography business.
  4. Audience: Teens to 20’s that want professional pictures taken.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to use Adobe’s Illustrator.
  6. Three Color Schemes and Color Names: Complementary-Shades of Blue and Orange. Split Complementary-Red, Teal, and Orange. Monochromatic-Pink.
  7. Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Century Gothic-Sans Serif. Znikomit-Serif. Ever After-San Serif.
  8. Votes on favorite logos: Top Logo = __2_; Middle Logo = __4_; Bottom Logo = __2_;
  9. My favorite logo is ___Middle____.