1. Description: Created a new logo for a business card and letter head.
  2. Process: We were to create the new logo in Illustrator and then create the rest of the design (Cards and letter head) in InDesign. I started out with a completely different design and then I got a great critique session and ended up changing everything. I took the Logo from Illustrator and placed it into the InDesign project and manipulated it from there. I was able to remember the skills I had previously learned from InDesign and use them again and then I got to learn more new skills for Illustrator. I tried to keep it simple and elegant. This project was pretty hard for me to perfect, but I think I get the result I intended.
  3. Message: My message is that I am a professional photographer and looking for business.
  4. Audience: Modern young adults looking for pictures of special moments taken.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to place projects into other projects and manipulate them from within the other project.
  6. Color scheme and color names: Complementary-Blue and Orange. (With a gray background).
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Mockup-Sans Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Mockup-Sans Serif