Hello everybody!

My name is Brittany Riboldi and I am currently doing my 5th semester here at BYU-Idaho! I am 20 years old, and my Major is Communications (obviously), with an emphasis in Visual! I just recently got married in the Payson, UT Temple in June, and I have loved being married! I started getting into photography and working with cameras my first year of high school. I own a Canon T5I and I love going places and taking pictures, though I do not do it nearly as much as I’d like. I know how to use all the Adobe programs pretty well, and I cannot wait for this class to teach me much much more! Oh, and here is a picture of my face so you all know what I look like.


brittanyriboldi-pabloHere is a picture of my cute husband. We went up to Mesa Falls (located in Idaho) one day and just spent some time enjoying the view and taking pictures. We like to climb over the ledges and sit on the rocks. The edits that I did on this image are: Exposure + Contrast + Saturation.



Here is a picture of a tiny plant with a spider web on it. This picture was a fun experiment! I have several attachable lenses that create a zoom, and so I decided to attach all of them at once and see what would happen. Well, this was the resulting picture! An extreme closeup of a cool looking plant. It was hard to get the focus right because the plant was moving around so much and the zoom made it really difficult. Image edits are: Exposure + Contrast + Saturation.



This picture of tulips was taken at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Utah. They have an amazing tulip festival there and so I of course had to bring my camera along to hopefully get some good shots! I love playing around with depth of field, I feel like I can always get a cool shot when I mess with it. I think the sun flare in this one is fun too. Edits on this image are: Contrast + Clarity.



This here is a picture of my adorable dog. His name is Cooper and he is a shih-tzu. My family has had him for years and he is just a joy to have around. The mess behind him was from him having a hay-day with some packaging we had laying around, I thought it was pretty funny so I took a picture. I love that in this picture I have his brown eye in focus. Edits in this picture are: Exposure + Contrast.



This is a picture of my little sister Ashley. She is 15 years old and just might be the sassiest and funniest person I know. We recently went up into the American Fork Canyon in Utah and took family photos. I took this portrait of her I think it ended up looking really nice. Edits in this photo are: Crop + Exposure + Contrast + Clarity + Saturation.