Hi Readers! This week was all about getting a different perspective on things! I had a hard time choosing what I wanted my subject to be, but eventually I settled on doing my printer! It’s not a special printer or anything, but as I started taking pictures of it, and noticed all the little different things about it and it was pretty cool! Continue reading to see all my photos!



Here is the collage that I did for the assignment. It was fun to create a little presentation for some of the photos that I did. It is kinda an interesting layout, and I liked how it turned out! I created the layout in InDesign after I edited the pictures in Photoshop.




Then here is the image that I used a mask on. I thought that it would be cool to make it look like the printer was sitting on a  tile floor. I think it turned out better than I imagined, so I am really happy with it and I am glad to be sharing it with you! All I did was find the image on a texture website, then place it into photoshop and masked around the printer to make it show through. And then to make it more realistic, I just darkened the tiles a bit.






And then finally, these were the rest of the pictures that I took for this project. It was really fun to find these little things around the printer and get a new/different perspective on things. After finding these pictures, I brought them into photoshop and sized and edited them. Thanks for reading this post!