What a fun week you guys! For this weeks’ project, we were taught how to take Macro Images. And I can now say, that after this week, Macro might be my new favorite thing! I love anything with a shallow depth of field, and Macro combines awesome depth of field with crazy details. I love it!

For the assignment, we were just supposed to take two pictures of a flower/fruit with water droplets on it, and then just two more macro pictures. But I got a little carried away and ended up with about 20 pictures of flowers/fruit and about 40 pictures of other things. So I had to narrow down about 60 pictures down to 4. The best I could do was down to 6, so here they are! Hope you enjoy! (Each image was edited in Lightroom).


There was a bouquet of flowers available in class, so these next flower pictures are from that.  I love the details in this picture. You can see all the water droplets, and you can see the little furs on the leaves.


Next, is a picture of a crisp water droplet on the petal of a lily. I like this one because you can see the rest of the flower in the background but it had a nice blur to it.


And lastly of this series, is a cool lookin’ water droplet sliding down the side of a kiwi. I like that the dragon fruit in the background gives adds some nice color. (I also think this picture looks like the profile of a face).


This is an extremely close up picture of a screw hole. I think this one is so cool because you can see all the little scratches on the surface that you normally wouldn’t see. This hole was on the bottom of one of the LED lights in class.


Here we have some coins. I love how this picture turned out. I think it looks really nice because there are several edges that are in focus. I also like how shiny and reflective the coins are.


And lastly, we have a picture of my opal ring. This one has a very very shallow depth of field which is cool because that means you can’t really see all the gross rust on the band of the ring ;). I also love the nice details you can see within the stone and the metal.