This week we had time to play around with some reflectors. There are 5 different types of reflectors:

1. Silver – Produces bright, specular highlights and high contrast results
2. Gold  – Produces warm, golden fill; great for sunsets and indoor portraits
3. Black – Blocks unwanted light and provides shade
4. Diffusion – Softens harsh light and eliminates hard shadows in bright light
5. White – Produces even, neutral-colored bounce light for fill

There are also 3 different types of techniques:

6. KEY & FILL LIGHT: It is very effective to use two reflectors together, on opposite sides to bounce the light. Or you can use one diffuser and a reflector on the other side. Or you can use a speedlight or continuous light on one side as your main (key) light and use a reflector as a fill light on the opposite side.

7. BENDING – If you use the silver side, you may get too much harsh light. But you can try bending the sides of the reflector in. This will soften the harsh light.

8. FEATHERING – Turn the reflector away (left or right) to feather the light, almost past the subject so just the feathered-edge light catches the subject. The feathered edge is much softer and can add just the right touch.

Here are the portraits that I took with these reflectors and techniques!


On this picture, I used a diffuser to soften the harsh sun that was coming down. I think it lights up her face really nicely.



With this picture, I used the gold reflector, and it created a nice glow on the side of her face.



On this last picture, I used a silver reflector along with the bending technique. The silver reflector was a little too harsh, and so we bent the reflector to make it a little less harsh. I think it ended up looking great!



Here is what the image above looks like without any reflector or diffuser. It’s a pretty big difference!