Portraits, portraits, portraits. We love them but we hate them. I had a tricky time with this portrait project. At the beginning (aka during class when it was easy because we had the teachers help), I was super excited to get my models to pose, and I would use my reflectors on them to make them all evenly lit and beautiful…well it didn’t quite turn out that way. I sure did learn a lot, though. Like, it is not that great to do take pictures on a cloudless day – you end up getting harsh shadows, and if you try to use your reflectors to even out the light, you end up blinding your models. Well, having said that…here are my pictures!


Individual – Side Composition

This is my sister, Ashley. She was a great model and let me touch her face to move it how I wanted. This picture was taken outside my house in Utah. I edited this in Lightroom to lighten the harsh shadow a bit and brighten the colors.


Individual – Head and Shoulders

Here we have her sitting on a swing in my backyard. I like this one a lot because there are no harsh shadows, so I was able to use a white reflector on her face. I edited this in lightroom to brighten it and make her eyes pop.


Individual – Full Bod

Here she is again on the swing, but showing her full body. I edited this in lightroom to make the light part of the yard a little less exposed, and to adjust the saturation.


Group – Candid

Here is my sister with her friends (They jumped at the chance to have their pictures taken). I just took pictures of them talking and laughing with one another as they swung on this porch swing. I edited this is lightroom to touch up the shades and the saturation.


Group – Posed

Then here they are again, but posing together and looking cute. I edited in Lightroom to change the adjust the shadows and saturation.


Individual – Environmental

I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do for my environmental picture. But then I saw my boss sitting at his desk like this, so I whipped out my camera to take a picture of him. This is how he always looks, just sitting at his desk, doing his work. He is a great boss and I really enjoy working under him! In Lightroom, I touched up where the light parts of the picture were and increased the saturation.



Here is an image of my sister on the swing again. I really like this picture because I think the angle is awesome, and I was able to capture her beautiful blue eyes. In lightroom, I used the brush tool to highlight the color of those eyes and make them just a tad bit more blue, so that they would pop even more.


Color Match (After)

This picture was taken outside my house (same area as the first picture of this post). On this image, I matched the colors of one of my other photos to create a whole other feel! Below, you can see the source image I used, and the original. I feel like the darkened and toned down colors make it seem like an overcast, shadowy day, it’s kind of cool!

Color Match (Original)
Color Match (Source)






Color Replace (After)

And lastly, here is a picture of my sister sitting on our swing. I love this angle because I had her looking down and so you get a great view of her amazing eyelashes. On this picture, I replaced the color of her white shirt, to look like a cream shirt. To be honest, I wanted to make it gray, but for some reason that wasn’t working for me in photoshop, so I settled for the cream color. Below you can see the original image with the original color.

Color Replace (Original)