There are so many things to take pictures of at Bannack! So many little prizes and secret beauties to find. In this post, I will be showing you all the wonderful, beautiful things there are at Bannack!



I found this little bent piece of metal on a super old merry-go-round. You had the option to ride it, but it seemed too sketchy, so I just took a picture of this instead. In Lightroom, I upped the clarity, exposure, and saturation.


Door Knob

There are so many beautiful, rustic doorknobs and handles at that place. I found this one in the School House building. I love al the wonderful colors on the handle and on the wall. In Lightroom, I just upped the saturation a bit to show off the colors.


School Room

Here, we have a picture of a row of small desks in the School House. These desks were so small I could barely fit in them (and I am only 5ft tall). I loved how authentic they are! Things have changed a lot since then! In Lightroom, I just upped the saturation and clarity on this one.



This is a picture of an old-fashioned scale I found in one of the buildings. This is just one side of the scale, but it was such a beautiful little piece of work! I love that there is a really nice natural light coming in and making it bright. All I had to do in lightroom was up the clarity.



What beautiful jars! These jars were just sitting out in front of the window here and I thought that they would be perfect for a picture! I just love how blue they are and how the curtains match the blue. I found these in a little house where they were able to preserve/keep all their old furniture. I upped the saturation in Lightroom.



This is a picture of a handle I found in the same room as the scale. I do not know what “Sherer” means, but I am assuming that it is just the name of the maker of the handle? In Lightroom, I changed this picture to be black and white because I think it would look really nice, I think it turned out great!



My last fine art picture is an HDR image of a cool corner of a room. To create an HDR image, you need to take a picture (using a tripod) of the same thing/space three times. One picture with a normal exposure, a picture that is underexposed, and a picture that is overexposed. (See original images below). Then, in photoshop, you just mask in the correctly exposed parts of the three images and you end up with a picture that has all perfectly exposed parts! I think that this picture turned out pretty great and I think it is a really fun thing to know how to do.

brittanyriboldi-middle brittanyriboldi-over brittanyriboldi-under