Hello, Everyone! This week we had the chance to visit Bannack, Montana which is a little ghost town, with a lot of history! It was so fun to be able to take pictures there all day and find the little hidden treasures there. In this post, I will be sharing all the beautiful portraits I was able to take. Take a look!


Portrait 1

This picture was taken in the School House, and this woman was dressed up at a school teacher for the photo shoot. I positioned her in front of the window because I just really love what a nice natural light can do to a face. In Lightroom, I edited the saturation and light on her face.


Portrait 2
Portrait 2

Next, I took a picture of this beautiful Indian woman (next to a window again). She was really good at posing for me and so I was lucky enough to get this awesome picture! In Lightroom, I softened her face and cleared up some acne that she had on her cheek. I also edited the lighting on her face a bit.


Portrait 3
Portrait 3

This picture and the next are probably my favorite. This model did such a good job with following my posing instructions that they turned out just how I wanted! I love the colors of this picture and the way she is placed in the frame. I just did some light touch ups in Lightroom.


Portrait 4
Portrait 4

I love this picture so much because of the beautiful colors. Her dress is awesome, the frame behind her is awesome, and the walls are awesome too! In Lightroom, I upped the saturation and made her lips a little more pink. I am so happy with how this picture turned out!


Portrait 5 -Auxiliary 1
Portrait 5 -Auxiliary 1

This picture is an example of the way that auxiliary lighting works. As you can see, there is a bright light coming from the window behind her, but her face is still light up. I had a strobe light on her face when I took the picture. In Lightroom, I edited the colors and saturation.


Portrait 6 - Auxiliary 2
Portrait 6 – Auxiliary 2

Here is another example of the use of auxiliary lighting. As you can see from the shadow behind him, I had a (strobe) light shining on his face. I like how this picture turned out, I think it looks very dramatic which is fun. In Lightroom, I edited the colors and exposure.



This is a picture of a cowboy guy that they had there at Bannack! These guys were super cool, they were there on their own free will, not paid, and let us take pictures of them! I got this fun picture of him sitting in a barber’s chair. I used a gold reflector on him to create a nice gold glow on his body. I adjusted the exposure and saturation in Lightroom.


These next three pictures are pictures of real ghosts that I caught on camera. Just kidding. But they are examples of a “ghosting effect.” I think it is so fun to take this type of picture, and the end result is pretty crazy! The way you take a ghost photo is: you set your shutter speed to something like 3 second or 15 seconds, and then you have your subject move around slowly, which then creates the blurred/ghostly effect! I adjusted the exposure and colors of each of these photos in Lightroom.

Portrait 8 - Ghost 1
Portrait 8 – Ghost 1
Portrait 9 - Ghost 2
Portrait 9 – Ghost 2
Portrait 10 - Ghost 3
Portrait 10 – Ghost 3