Hi great people! Today I am sharing a little thing I made using some tasteful typography! I just want to talk a little bit about how I came to the finished product! First of all, I started out with a quote, and then I found a good picture to go along with it. Then I combined the two together and overlapped the text boxes to create a nice flow, and viola, it was done. Just kidding. It took forever to get the alignment right with the text (first I tried it with a left alignment but it just wasn’t looking good so I changed it to center and it looked better). Then I added the little lines at the bottom and those were really hard to align to the text because I was creating it in Word and Word is pretty much the worst tool to design with (just my unbiased opinion).

After getting the text boxes and lines aligned just right I showed it to my classmates and received some critiques. Everyone that commented really liked it! The only suggestion that anyone had was to try to left align but since I had already tried, that I knew it wouldn’t work. So I decided to keep what I had and post it here!

Here is the finished product and also what the text boxes look like in Word. Enjoy!


The fonts that I used were: Body Copy – Nordica (san serif). Title – Channel Left-Slanted (script).

Link to image used: Moutain-Sky-Wallpaper

I critiqued Heidi Nelson Thurgood and Erin Johnson Hosford.