Hey all! Today I am sharing a little flier that I made for an event that is coming up!


This was a pretty fun project to work on! Camp Kesem is actually a real organization and they do some awesome stuff. My husband is currently volunteering with them and so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to used them for this project.

Process: I started out with the idea to use Camp Kesem as my beneficiary, and I tried to figure out who I wanted my audience to be. I decided that I wanted it to be to the parents of the kids attending the camp. I wanted to inform them about the organization, and the camp that was coming up. I did a few sketches, and created the design in Word! I think I did a pretty good job of accomplishing what I wanted – the flier is for the camp, and it tells a little bit about the organization!

Critique Process: At first, all I had was the title and the D-T-P. I didn’t have any information about the camp or the organization and after some critique, I added the paragraph at the bottom. I think it looks a lot better now and I think it really adds to the flier. I critiqued Jordan Cook, and Sharon Bonchek Hays.

Color Scheme: Analogous – Blue/Blue-Green/Green

Fonts: Title – COCOGOOSE (Sans Serif). Body Copy – Roboto Slab Regular (Serif).

Link to Images: Cabin Kids

Creating this in Word was not my favorite, but eventually I was able to pull together a fun design and I learned a lot about Word. Here is what my workspace looks like: