Hey people! In this post, I made a little slideshow presentation about a TED Talk that I really like given by Will Stephen. His TED Talk is about how to sound smart in a TED Talk. It is pretty funny! Take a look!

Here is a link to his TED Talk: How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk

Speakers Outline:



As soon as I looked at the instructions on this project and that it was about giving a slideshow about a talk, I knew exactly what talk I wanted to do it on. The “How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk” talk is so funny and also so true! If you have seen any TED Talk you know that this person’s points on how to sound smart are so true! All I had to do was find the talk, watch it, write out the outline, and figure out how I wanted to do the design! Designing this powerpoint took some figuring out. I knew what I basically wanted to do from the beginning, but it took some trial and error to make it just right. Here is my sketching for the slides:



Critique Process: After drawing up my draft, I created my design and shared it with my class and received some helpful feedback! At first, all I had was the geometric shapes and text. But after talking with my class, I decided to put some images in place of some of the geometric shapes. I am grateful for the critique I received because I think it made my design better! I also critiqued Jori Carter and Ryan Trusty and helped them with their designs.


Links to photosStarry Night – Field – Mountain Range – Island – Boardwalk

Fonts Used: Titles- Oliver Regular. Secondary Titles- Basic Title Font.