In a couple of weeks, I will be creating a magazine spread for an LDS magazine. This week, I created my rough draft and threw some ideas together for what I think I want it to be. For my story, I shared an experience I had a couple years ago that really strengthened my testimony. After I typed out my story, I pulled together some photos that could work with it. Then with my story and photos, I drew up some drafts that I thought would look nice! Here is what I came up with:


When I was about 7 years old, my parents got divorced. It was obviously very hard on me and on the family, but we got through it. I grew up and both my parents remarried and had children of their own. I lived with my mom and my dad lived about an hour away and we would visit him every other weekend. I really enjoyed those visits, they were like a refuge from my regular life. My sisters and I would go over to his house, have pizza every night, watch movies, play at the park, go on bike rides, and just have good quality time with my dad.

Winter of 2013 changed everything though. At the time, my dad was working for Pepsi in Salt Lake City, but he found out that they were closing the warehouse that they had in SLC and transferring people to different locations. Because of this, my dad sat all of us kids down one weekend, to let us know that he got transferred to a position in California. 12 hours away from where he currently lived. 12 hours away from us.

Unsurprisingly, I was shocked by this news. I did not want my dad to move to a far away place and not see him as much. At the time that he told us, the full impact of what this meant had not hit me yet. It did not hit me until I was back at my moms and laying in my bed to go to sleep.

I remember thinking about the news and wondering about what it would mean for my day to day life. I started to realize that I would not get to see him every other weekend, which meant I would not get to eat pizza with him like we used to, or watch movies together like we used to, or play together like we used to. Realizing that everything was going to change, and that I was going to lose my dad again (much like I did in the initial divorce), I started to feel completely heartbroken. I was overwhelmed with sadness that I was not going to see my dad as much and that he was leaving and that everything was about to change.

After a while of crying into my pillow, a memory slipped into my mind of a recent young women’s lesson I’d had. It was on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The particular part of the memory that came back to me was about how Christ’s Atonement could be used to heal all our pain, not just pain caused by sin. With that in mind, I decided to say a prayer.

In this prayer, I asked God if he could take this pain away from me, because I knew that he had already felt what I was feeling and could lift it from my heart. Before closing my prayer, I remember just pausing to fill myself with faith in God and in His Atonement. I closed my prayer and waited. At first, there was no change, but then suddenly, I could literally feel the pain in my heart lift and replace with comfort and love. I remember feeling like I could finally get a deep breath. The way that I felt in that moment compared to how I felt before, was incredible. I felt so calm and comforted, but most of all, I felt an undeniably strong love from God.

After letting the feelings of comfort and love fill me, I made sure to thank God for providing me with this comfort and blessing me with this experience. Once I closed that prayer, I was blessed again with a peaceful sleep. I woke up in the morning with hope and with a deeper testimony in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


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