We all know that photography is pretty cool and you can do some impressive things with a camera…but here are 10 reasons why photography is the best hobby to have.

  1. Feeling of Adventure
    • Getting outside in the wilderness where no on else may have gone is such an amazing feeling. Also, taking a picture of a small detail that nobody else has noticed will bring you incredible fulfillment.


  1. Get Stories
    • Your camera and your feeling of adventure may get you into some interesting situations that will end up as great stories and memories.
  1. Awesome Results
    • It is a really cool feeling to look back at a picture you just took and realize that it is completely awesome! It really makes you want to share it with others and continue that good feeling.


  1. Opportunity to Make Money
    • If you take really good pictures, you can sell them to people or stock agencies to make money. This can be a full-time commitment, or just something you do in your free time.
  1. Universally Understood
    • Everybody understands images, and everyone also knows when a picture is amazing. That fact that that can be shared with everyone around the world is pretty awesome.


  1. Can be Cheap or Expensive
    • You do not have to have a crazy expensive and huge camera to take awesome photos, you can just use your smart phone! But there are options out there to buy some pretty crazy gear to get some amazing photos too! 
  1. Gets you Active
    • Whether it is inside or outside, taking photos gets you off your bum and up doing something. It also keeps your mind entertained and working.


  1. Useful to Know
    • Knowing how to take good pictures is a good skill to have. It can be used for almost any project or activity. It can also be shared with others to help them out.
  1. Learn New Things
    • There is so much out there in the world to learn, as well as a ton of tricks you can do to understand your camera better and take better pictures.


  1. Give You a Sense of Accomplishment
    • Once you finish a photo shoot, and you look back at your pictures and see how many awesome ones you got, there is a real feeling of accomplishment and being proud of yourself.