Guys. I am so excited about this thing I am about to share with you! I am so proud of the work that I did on it and I think that it looks so cute!

Anyway, now that I am done bragging, I can tell you what this is all about. For my COMM125 class, we are talking about social media and marketing and things alike. For my project, I made an infographic about blueberries (and their health benefits) to promote Jama Juice’s new Blueberry Smoothie. Here is a little more information about my idea:

Company: Jamba Juice
Objective: Promote new Blueberry Smoothie
Strategy: Create infographic showing health benefits of blueberries. Share this infographic across social media profiles and run a promotion that the first 50 commenters will receive a small blueberry smoothie for 50% off.

Draft Process:

Originally, I was going to do something for Coca-Cola because I was doing something for their company last week, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that I liked. So I thought about it for a while more and this idea for a Jama Juice smoothie popped into my head (it also probably helped that I had a Jamba Juice Smoothie on my desk). From there, everything came together so nicely. I thought of what I wanted the colors to be, what images I wanted, and how I wanted the infographic to feel. I was able to sketch something really quick and pull it all together in illustrator.

Critique Process:

With my first draft, I went to my peers and asked what I could do better. They gave me a lot of good feedback on my design, and I feel like the critique I received helped the design to be the awesome thing that it is today. I also helped to critique on a few other peers including: Samantha Haacke, Jaclyn Warnock, and Erin Johnson Hosford.

Final Product:

Here is my revised and final product. I hope you like it as much as I do!


Links to images: blueberry bunchessingle blueberrybowl of blueberries – Jamba Juice Logo

Fonts used: Title – Beyond the Mountains. Body – Znikomit.