Hey, guys! I want to share with you the process of how I started from simple sketches, to a beautiful final product. The whole idea behind doing succulents was that I just really love succulents (though I can’t keep one alive to save my life). I think they are super cute and fun, and I thought that I would be able to make the icons look awesome.

I started out by sketching some “succulent like” plants and shapes. I felt pretty confident about where I was going with this idea so I actually didn’t feel the need to do a thousand sketches for a thousand different ideas. Here are the sketches I did:


After sketching and feeling good about what I had, I started with the actual icon design. I just pulled the images of my sketches into Illustrator and traced my drawings with the pencil and shape tools. Doing this worked really well for me and it made creating my icons pretty simple. Once I outlined the shape of the icon, I copied and pasted that shape into a new document and added shadows and adjusted anything that needed to be adjusted. Here is what my workspace of my sketch outlining looked like:


After a couple of hours and head scratching, I ended up with a draft of 6 succulent icons. Here is what they looked like:


With this draft, I shared it with some classmates and received some feedback. The changes that I made were: I thickened the lines of the icons, I added shadows to the bottom of the pots, I took away a little leaf on one of the plants, and I put all the icons on a shelf. I also created 6 more icons in the same style. After all that, I ended up with this draft (I pointed out the changes I made so you can see them better):

icons-final-draft icon-draft-arrow

After creating that draft and feeling pretty good about it, I shared it with my classmates again and received some positive feedback and a few suggestions on what to change. For my final product, all I changed was one plant and made some minor finishing touches. I circled what I changed so you can see:


Here is my final product!:


I am really happy with how this turned out. I think these little succulent icons are super cute and fun and I am excited to be sharing them with you. I thought about added some color, but I was worried that it would take away from the icons and ruin them, so I kept them grayscale. I think the hardest part of this project was just getting everything looking right and turning out the way I wanted it to. It was also pretty tedious to go back into my layers and name everything…that took me a long time (but it felt really satisfying to have done). I think these icons are really fun and I might even submit them to a stock agency or something to hopefully make some money off them!