One of my favorite things about photography is getting the chance to discover and capture something that nobody else has. This project gave me the chance to do just that! I was able to take an object and take 12 photos of different perspectives of that object. 12 may not seem like a lot, but when it comes down to it, getting 12 different views of something can be difficult. But here is what I created for this project! My subject was my Makala Ukulele.


Process: I was really excited to do this project, and I knew that I wanted to take photos of something that I could be creative with. All day, I thought about what I could take photos of, and I couldn’t come up with anything. It wasn’t until the evening when I came home and walked into my closet and saw my ukulele case, that I knew right away that that would be the perfect subject. I pulled it out, grabbed my lights and my lightbox and set up for my photo shoot. Starting out was a little bit rough because I wasn’t getting the cool perspective I was hoping for, but then my creative juices started flowing and I starting taking tons of pictures. I ended up with about 30 pictures that I had to trim down to 12 (that took me quite a while). Once I got my images, I took them all into Lightroom and made some quick edits to make the color richer and the exposure better. With my edited images, I split them into two groups of images that I wanted to display large, and images that I wanted to display in a grid. With my grid images, I took them into InDesign and laid them out and arranged them how I wanted (this took some time and figuring out), added a text, and exported it as a JPG!

Critique: With my JPG draft, I went to my peers and asked for their feedback. From them, I was told to change a couple of things to make it better. Without their help, I do not think that my grid would be what it is right now! I am really grateful for their critiques. I also gave feedback to a couple of people: Samantha Haacke, Jordan Cook, and Sharon Bonchek Hays.

Fonts: Om Telolet Om