I love movies. I love going to new ones, spending my time watching them, and critiquing them with friends. Something that goes along with movies, are movie posters. When a movie poster is done well, it can be an amazing piece of marketing for that movie.

For this project, I was supposed to create a movie poster using a picture of me, and another picture. Here is what I came up with!

Process: Creating this movie poster was really fun. It was something that I had never done before, and I found that I really enjoy it! For this project, I used a photo of myself at Mesa Falls sitting on the rocks above the falls, and also a photo of some more trees that I masked onto the shape of my body. The message that I wanted to convey with this poster was a sense of mystery and adventure. I think that if this movie was marketed well, I would totally watch it!

Critiques: I was able to receive some really helpful feedback on my project. I took my first draft to my peers and from them, I was able to create this awesome poster you see before you! I also had the opportunity to give critique to some fellow classmates. I talked to Shara Lotti Lane, Shara Lotti Lane, and Heidi Nelson Thurgood.

Fonts: Titles: Bebas Neue and Beyond the Mountains. Bottom Font: SF Movie Poster.

Images: The main image was taken by me and Tree image