One thing you should know about me, is that I love the TV show Parks and Recreation. I think it is the funniest show ever and I have rewatched the show about 12 times and so I am very emotionally connected the each of the characters. With that said, when this project of a T-Shirt design came up, I knew exactly what I wanted my design to be about.

This design is based off a quote that a character Leslie Knope from the show. Leslie loves breakfast, she and another character (Ron Swanson) share that feeling. This quote is from season 2 episode 20 when Ron and Leslie are having breakfast and Leslie says “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast foods?” and Ron says “People are idiots Leslie.” Later on, in the show (Season 7, episode 4), the same thing is said, except the roles are switched. So it is a pretty well known and recognizable phrase from the show, which makes it a great concept for a T-shirt design.


Sketching: To start out, I went to paper and pencil and started sketching out some ideas of what I thought might work for a t-shirt. I looked up my favorite quotes, and from there, took concepts from them and created some ideas. For this project, we were only supposed to use 4 colors for the design, so I had to keep that in mind while sketching. Here is how I started with my sketches: (click to see larger versions)


First Drafts: After feeling pretty good about my sketches and what I wanted to do, I went to my laptop and started creating my design. I chose to do the breakfast quote and put some waffles and whipped cream next to it because Leslie Knope LOVE waffles and whipped cream. With my first draft (shown below on the left) I had all my elements: The text in a “Leslie Knope” type font, the waffles on a plate, and the whipped cream. But I was not that happy with it. I knew that this was not all that it could be, and it looked pretty lame for a t-shirt design, so I went back at it and created my second draft (shown below on the right). I was much more pleased with this design, but I knew that it still needed something to make it a nice, cohesive t-shirt design. So, I took it to my peers and asked what they thought.


More Drafts: I received some really helpful feedback from my peers, and I also learned a few things about what makes good t-shirt designs. With my feedback in mind and my new knowledge, I went back to my project, and created my third draft (see below). I order to make my design flow better and be more cohesive, I put everything onto a plate, and had the plate be the background of everything. I was really happy with this change because I feel like it really brings all the elements together. I also added an egg, to fill the space at the bottom and to fit in with the “breakfast” theme.


Even More Drafts: Having made all those changes, I wanted to see what my peers thought of them. So I asked for some feedback and got some helpful stuff! Mu husband suggested add another yolk, because “nobody ever eats just one egg,” I also added a little bit of a highlight to the yolks to make them look shiny. Here is my 4th draft and the changes I made circled:


Final(ly): After I added the yolks and the highlight, I spent a day away from it, just taking a break from staring at it for hours at a time. Then, I came back and decided that I did not like the polka-dot highlight on the eggs, and created a much simpler highlight. In my opinion, that small change, made the whole design much better and flow just the way that I wanted it to. Below, is my final, and beautiful draft.


I am so very happy with how this turned out. I think the waffles are awesome, the eggs look great, the text flows very nicely, and having everything on the plate is just right. I am really excited to have this as a t-shirt of my own, and because my sister also loves Parks and Rec (possibly even more), I got one for her and we are going to have our own Parks and Rec marathons wearing our awesome t-shirts designed by me.

Thanks for reading!