This week, I have been working on a magazine spread (2 pages) that would be able to go into the Ensign. Obviously, I am not actually writing for the Ensign, but for this project I am pretending I am. Let me share my process with you!

Process: To start out, I wrote what I wanted my “piece” to be about. I brainstormed ideas and researched Ensign articles and what they were about, and decided to share a personal story of mine about the Atonement. The message of my story is about understanding and using the different parts of the Atonement and how powerful it is. The audience I envisioned for this story is anyone who might be struggling with something painful and could use and uplifting story. After writing it out and getting all the wording and such right, I moved on to what I wanted my spread to look like. I started with a few sketches of what I thought I wanted the spread to look like. Then, in InDesign, I created a “shape map.” Here is what my shape map looked like:

I did not want to put my story in there yet because I was not sure if this was how it was going to turn out, so I just filled all the text boxes with filler text (aka jibberish). Now with my shape map created, I was able to get a good feel for how I wanted my spread to really look and feel. From here, I created my draft and basically all I did was replace the jibberish with my story and put my pictures in! I was feeling pretty good about what I made, but I still wanted to share it with my peers so I went to them and asked for some advice. They made a few really helpful suggestions, and with those I was able to go back to my project and create the draft that I am sharing today! I am planning on making a few more changes in the future (that is why I am calling it a draft). Take a look at what I created!

Links to Images: Graduation Image (Photographed by my dad) – Image of Christ

Fonts Used: Title – Cursif. Body Copy – Lane Narrow.

Thanks for reading!