For the past couple of months, I have been working on taking stock photos and submitting them to stock agencies! It has been a pretty fun ride and I am writing this post today to share with you how it has gone so far!

Making money with a stock agency can be really hard at first. In order to do well and make some actual money, you have to be taking good pictures all the time, editing them well, and uploading them consistently. Luckily, once you do that for a while and you have a large portfolio, you can make a lot of sales! To be honest, I have not been doing those things, and so I have not been making very many sales. But, I am very proud of the sales that I have made!

Below is the picture that has made me the most money. I got $1.88 for it (that’s a pretty big deal in the micro-stock photo world). It was sold on StockPhoto and someone from Colorado bought it.

It looks pretty nice huh? Would you pay almost $2 for this photo?? I would. Especially after knowing the work I put into it. Here is the original:

Process: The process of this photo is actually kind of funny. This photo was taken because I had an assignment due where I had to take the background out of a couple of images, and I have no idea what things I could take the backgrounds out of! So I looked around my house for random objects and I found this hammer and decided it would make a great stock photo. As you can see, there is a white piece of paper underneath my hammer. I did this because I did not like the shadow/pattern the carpet put on my hammer, but I had to have it on the carpet because my living room offered the best lighting, so I put a piece of paper underneath the hammer to block out some of the carpet! After taking the picture, I went into photoshop and removed the background and also removed some of the labels and things on the hammer. With my now finished photo, I uploaded it to my selected stock agencies and made a sale a week or so later!

I am excited to continue to working with stock photos and to also hopefully continue making more sales! Thanks for reading!