Hey, all! Remember when I shared with you all my magazine spread draft? (Magazine Draft Blog Post) Well, today I am going to show you the finished product after I made some adjustments!

Process: Now, to be honest, my final finished design is not that different from my draft, but that is just because I put a lot of work into it in the beginning to make it really good, and so I had less work to do during this part of it. In order to create this final product though, I did ask for some help and feedback. I received some really good help and I was able to make some adjustments that made my project what it is right now! I also had the opportunity to help some people with their projects! I helped Mark Ormsby, Erin Hosford, and Nathan Day. I feel like I was helpful for them and I was grateful for their help too!

The things that I changed from my draft, were the colors and I added some little picture tabs to make it look kind of like a scrapbook. I also added myself as the author. Take a look!

Links to Images: Graduation Image (Photographed by my dad) – Image of Christ

Fonts Used: Title – Cursif. Body Copy – Lane Narrow.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to do this project and to work on projects like this to test me. This design class has been a lot of work, but has also been so enlightening. I have loved doing these projects and showing off my work on my blog! I hope you like it and thanks for reading!!