Hello, all!

I have an update on what my best Stock Photo seller has been as of July 2017. I have been selling at two main stock agencies: Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. I do okay on these sites for being an amateur photographer, so that’s pretty cool. Let’s get into what my best seller has been!

Adobe Stock Sales
Shutterstock Earnings

As you can see, I have sold this image 7 times at Adobe, and 6 times at Shutterstock. I have made a combined total of $3.94 with this image (making the big bucks I know!). Here is the original image before I made any edits:

This picture came from a photoshoot I did with my Stock Photography class. We went to a practice medical center on campus, and had students act as patients! It was a lot of fun and it taught me a lot about working with models and posing people. And it obviously brought some good, useful photos! The keywords I used on this photo were: pregnant woman; contractions; hospital; IV in hand; pain; painful; labor; baby; in labor; painful contractions.

I am excited to continue selling this photo and to continue building my portfolio with these two agencies. Thanks for reading!