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Digital Imaging

This is for my Digital Imaging class. I will be posting my projects here.

Best Seller as of July 2017

Hello, all!

I have an update on what my best Stock Photo seller has been as of July 2017. I have been selling at two main stock agencies: Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. I do okay on these sites for being an amateur photographer, so that’s pretty cool. Let’s get into what my best seller has been!

Adobe Stock Sales
Shutterstock Earnings

As you can see, I have sold this image 7 times at Adobe, and 6 times at Shutterstock. I have made a combined total of $3.94 with this image (making the big bucks I know!). Here is the original image before I made any edits:

This picture came from a photoshoot I did with my Stock Photography class. We went to a practice medical center on campus, and had students act as patients! It was a lot of fun and it taught me a lot about working with models and posing people. And it obviously brought some good, useful photos! The keywords I used on this photo were: pregnant woman; contractions; hospital; IV in hand; pain; painful; labor; baby; in labor; painful contractions.

I am excited to continue selling this photo and to continue building my portfolio with these two agencies. Thanks for reading!


Stock Photos!

For the past couple of months, I have been working on taking stock photos and submitting them to stock agencies! It has been a pretty fun ride and I am writing this post today to share with you how it has gone so far!

Making money with a stock agency can be really hard at first. In order to do well and make some actual money, you have to be taking good pictures all the time, editing them well, and uploading them consistently. Luckily, once you do that for a while and you have a large portfolio, you can make a lot of sales! To be honest, I have not been doing those things, and so I have not been making very many sales. But, I am very proud of the sales that I have made!

Below is the picture that has made me the most money. I got $1.88 for it (that’s a pretty big deal in the micro-stock photo world). It was sold on StockPhoto and someone from Colorado bought it.

It looks pretty nice huh? Would you pay almost $2 for this photo?? I would. Especially after knowing the work I put into it. Here is the original:

Process: The process of this photo is actually kind of funny. This photo was taken because I had an assignment due where I had to take the background out of a couple of images, and I have no idea what things I could take the backgrounds out of! So I looked around my house for random objects and I found this hammer and decided it would make a great stock photo. As you can see, there is a white piece of paper underneath my hammer. I did this because I did not like the shadow/pattern the carpet put on my hammer, but I had to have it on the carpet because my living room offered the best lighting, so I put a piece of paper underneath the hammer to block out some of the carpet! After taking the picture, I went into photoshop and removed the background and also removed some of the labels and things on the hammer. With my now finished photo, I uploaded it to my selected stock agencies and made a sale a week or so later!

I am excited to continue to working with stock photos and to also hopefully continue making more sales! Thanks for reading!

Easy Camera Hacks

Here is an awesome video of some super easy camera hacks you can use to up your photography game! Enjoy!


What a Perspective!

One of my favorite things about photography is getting the chance to discover and capture something that nobody else has. This project gave me the chance to do just that! I was able to take an object and take 12 photos of different perspectives of that object. 12 may not seem like a lot, but when it comes down to it, getting 12 different views of something can be difficult. But here is what I created for this project! My subject was my Makala Ukulele.


Process: I was really excited to do this project, and I knew that I wanted to take photos of something that I could be creative with. All day, I thought about what I could take photos of, and I couldn’t come up with anything. It wasn’t until the evening when I came home and walked into my closet and saw my ukulele case, that I knew right away that that would be the perfect subject. I pulled it out, grabbed my lights and my lightbox and set up for my photo shoot. Starting out was a little bit rough because I wasn’t getting the cool perspective I was hoping for, but then my creative juices started flowing and I starting taking tons of pictures. I ended up with about 30 pictures that I had to trim down to 12 (that took me quite a while). Once I got my images, I took them all into Lightroom and made some quick edits to make the color richer and the exposure better. With my edited images, I split them into two groups of images that I wanted to display large, and images that I wanted to display in a grid. With my grid images, I took them into InDesign and laid them out and arranged them how I wanted (this took some time and figuring out), added a text, and exported it as a JPG!

Critique: With my JPG draft, I went to my peers and asked for their feedback. From them, I was told to change a couple of things to make it better. Without their help, I do not think that my grid would be what it is right now! I am really grateful for their critiques. I also gave feedback to a couple of people: Samantha Haacke, Jordan Cook, and Sharon Bonchek Hays.

Fonts: Om Telolet Om

10 Reasons Why Photography is the Best Hobby

We all know that photography is pretty cool and you can do some impressive things with a camera…but here are 10 reasons why photography is the best hobby to have.

  1. Feeling of Adventure
    • Getting outside in the wilderness where no on else may have gone is such an amazing feeling. Also, taking a picture of a small detail that nobody else has noticed will bring you incredible fulfillment.


  1. Get Stories
    • Your camera and your feeling of adventure may get you into some interesting situations that will end up as great stories and memories.
  1. Awesome Results
    • It is a really cool feeling to look back at a picture you just took and realize that it is completely awesome! It really makes you want to share it with others and continue that good feeling.


  1. Opportunity to Make Money
    • If you take really good pictures, you can sell them to people or stock agencies to make money. This can be a full-time commitment, or just something you do in your free time.
  1. Universally Understood
    • Everybody understands images, and everyone also knows when a picture is amazing. That fact that that can be shared with everyone around the world is pretty awesome.


  1. Can be Cheap or Expensive
    • You do not have to have a crazy expensive and huge camera to take awesome photos, you can just use your smart phone! But there are options out there to buy some pretty crazy gear to get some amazing photos too! 
  1. Gets you Active
    • Whether it is inside or outside, taking photos gets you off your bum and up doing something. It also keeps your mind entertained and working.


  1. Useful to Know
    • Knowing how to take good pictures is a good skill to have. It can be used for almost any project or activity. It can also be shared with others to help them out.
  1. Learn New Things
    • There is so much out there in the world to learn, as well as a ton of tricks you can do to understand your camera better and take better pictures.


  1. Give You a Sense of Accomplishment
    • Once you finish a photo shoot, and you look back at your pictures and see how many awesome ones you got, there is a real feeling of accomplishment and being proud of yourself.


Photography Practice

Recently, I have been reviewing my photography skills and took some pictures so show some principles. Here are the pictures, and below each image is the principle I was working on:

Outdoor Light
Outdoor Light
Indoor Light
Indoor Light
Foreground Focus
Foreground Focus
Background Focus
Background Focus
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Lead Room
Lead Room

I really love photography, almost as much as I love design! Going out (or in) to find something beautiful or interesting just really fun work that I enjoy. Taking these images was good practice for me to think about what I am trying to achieve, and doing it. Each of these images took fore-thought and after-thought (some of them a little more than others). After taking all of these, I brought them into Lightroom, made a couple of basic edits, and exported them to blog size.

The first image was taken in Utah at Thanksgiving Point during their Tulip festival. I made sure to get the colors in focus and bright, while also making sure the sky wasn’t blown out. The second image was taken in an old house in Bannock, Idaho. The house had some beautiful items, so I set up these mason jars in front of the natural light and took an awesome picture.

The third and fourth images are both of some Melaleuca oil blends. I took the images in a lightbox of mine to get that white background. I adjusted the focus from the foreground to the background to show the differences in focus.

The fifth image I set up at Bannock, Idaho to get some nice leading lines according to the Rule of thirds. The last image is of my husband at Mesa Falls, Idaho. We climbed over the fence to sit on the rocks over looking the falls. This picture is nice because it has some really nice lead room around his head.

Top 10 Stock Photos

Hello people! So I have been working on some stock photography photos that I could upload to a stock agency. These are my best ones yet! They are in order from my best, to my least best. Let me know what you think!

1brittanyriboldi-coloredpencils 2brittanyriboldi-ukelele 3brittanyriboldi-hammer 4brittanyriboldi-wirething 5brittanyriboldi-teacup 6brittanyriboldi-tribalthing 7brittanyriboldi-adele 8brittanyriboldi-pabloshovel 9brittanyriboldi-emzach 10brittanyriboldi-plant

Typography Tutorial

Greetings, everyone! In this blog post, I am sharing a tutorial I created, that will teach you all you need to know about Typography! I chose the topic of typography because it is something that I feel I understand well, and I really enjoy working with it and doing typography projects! My inspiration for this whole tutorial is You should definitely check them out, they have some great typography examples. 

I am going to be honest, this project has probably been the most frustrating for me. For some reason, I just could not create what I saw in my head, but I did the best that I could and I feel like my finished product(s) turned out pretty good. Below, are the 7 basic rules of typography that I felt were the most important to know. I created them to help people understand the fundamentals of typography, and hopefully help them create some awesome typography stuff. Then, at the bottom is a tutorial I created to show how to apply the rules of typography I talked about above. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Page 1 Page 2



Fine Art Print

Hey all! In this post I just want to share what I ended up doing for my fine art print…it might surprise you! Check out the video below of me talking about the final product!

Final Image
Final Image
Before Editing
Before Editing


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