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What a Perspective!

One of my favorite things about photography is getting the chance to discover and capture something that nobody else has. This project gave me the chance to do just that! I was able to take an object and take 12 photos of different perspectives of that object. 12 may not seem like a lot, but when it comes down to it, getting 12 different views of something can be difficult. But here is what I created for this project! My subject was my Makala Ukulele.


Process: I was really excited to do this project, and I knew that I wanted to take photos of something that I could be creative with. All day, I thought about what I could take photos of, and I couldn’t come up with anything. It wasn’t until the evening when I came home and walked into my closet and saw my ukulele case, that I knew right away that that would be the perfect subject. I pulled it out, grabbed my lights and my lightbox and set up for my photo shoot. Starting out was a little bit rough because I wasn’t getting the cool perspective I was hoping for, but then my creative juices started flowing and I starting taking tons of pictures. I ended up with about 30 pictures that I had to trim down to 12 (that took me quite a while). Once I got my images, I took them all into Lightroom and made some quick edits to make the color richer and the exposure better. With my edited images, I split them into two groups of images that I wanted to display large, and images that I wanted to display in a grid. With my grid images, I took them into InDesign and laid them out and arranged them how I wanted (this took some time and figuring out), added a text, and exported it as a JPG!

Critique: With my JPG draft, I went to my peers and asked for their feedback. From them, I was told to change a couple of things to make it better. Without their help, I do not think that my grid would be what it is right now! I am really grateful for their critiques. I also gave feedback to a couple of people: Samantha Haacke, Jordan Cook, and Sharon Bonchek Hays.

Fonts: Om Telolet Om


Oh, Look at the Time!

Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been! This project has been a real stressor for me! It has caused me to really think and look at things (I mean everything) differently. This project was really difficult, but it has taught me SO MUCH and I am so grateful for that. Let me take you through the process of how I got my final product!

First I started sketching. It is actually pretty difficult to sketch for a watch. I mean we all know what a watch looks like, so what is there to really brainstorm? But then I realized that there is going to be a lot more that needs to go into actually making the watch, so I started getting more specific/creative with my sketches. Here they are:


Then I created my first Draft. After feeling pretty good about my sketches, I decided to get something down in illustrator. This was A LOT more difficult than I thought it would be. I had no idea how complex the gradients and shadows were on a real watch until I tried making one. After several hours of trial and error, I was able to create a pretty decent watch body. Here is what I came up with:


Then came a few more drafts. Knowing that I still had a long way to go, I kept working. Below is my second draft. I was able to get a lot more objects in, but I knew that I still needed to do a lot of work on it. I went with a pink band because I am girly and I thought it would be cute.


With this second draft, I went to my peers. I wanted some feedback on how to make it look more realistic. Below you can see my revised, and third draft. I circled the things that I changed from the second one.

draft-3 draft-3-circles

I am really grateful for the feedback I received! I think it really helped me to keep moving forward and working on it. (because I will be honest, at this point of my process, I was pretty fed up.)

The Finished Product. After several more hours of editing (and frustration), I ended up with my final draft. To be honest, I am not totally in love with it. I feel like I could tinker with it for several more days and still not be satisfied. But because I do not have time for that, this is what we ended up with. I think that it turned out pretty good for a beginners work! It is hard to tell it really looks realistic because I have been staring at it for a couple weeks, but I did what I could to make it look as real as possible. Below the final image is everything I changed from the 3rd draft. Take a look:


In words: I added a little shadow on each of the lugs to make it looks like it was under the face of the watch, made the hour marks looks more realistic by adding a gradient and drop shadow on each, added a gradient on top to make it look like there is class on the watch, adjusted the way the knob looks, added a realistic drop shadow to the hands, added a couple more rims for definition inside the face, and lastly, I adjusted the way my bands look to make them look like rubber.

Below is the screenshot of all of my shapes selected, and also the reference photos and workspace that I used to create my watch.

everything-selected workspace

Succulents for Days

Hey, guys! I want to share with you the process of how I started from simple sketches, to a beautiful final product. The whole idea behind doing succulents was that I just really love succulents (though I can’t keep one alive to save my life). I think they are super cute and fun, and I thought that I would be able to make the icons look awesome.

I started out by sketching some “succulent like” plants and shapes. I felt pretty confident about where I was going with this idea so I actually didn’t feel the need to do a thousand sketches for a thousand different ideas. Here are the sketches I did:


After sketching and feeling good about what I had, I started with the actual icon design. I just pulled the images of my sketches into Illustrator and traced my drawings with the pencil and shape tools. Doing this worked really well for me and it made creating my icons pretty simple. Once I outlined the shape of the icon, I copied and pasted that shape into a new document and added shadows and adjusted anything that needed to be adjusted. Here is what my workspace of my sketch outlining looked like:


After a couple of hours and head scratching, I ended up with a draft of 6 succulent icons. Here is what they looked like:


With this draft, I shared it with some classmates and received some feedback. The changes that I made were: I thickened the lines of the icons, I added shadows to the bottom of the pots, I took away a little leaf on one of the plants, and I put all the icons on a shelf. I also created 6 more icons in the same style. After all that, I ended up with this draft (I pointed out the changes I made so you can see them better):

icons-final-draft icon-draft-arrow

After creating that draft and feeling pretty good about it, I shared it with my classmates again and received some positive feedback and a few suggestions on what to change. For my final product, all I changed was one plant and made some minor finishing touches. I circled what I changed so you can see:


Here is my final product!:


I am really happy with how this turned out. I think these little succulent icons are super cute and fun and I am excited to be sharing them with you. I thought about added some color, but I was worried that it would take away from the icons and ruin them, so I kept them grayscale. I think the hardest part of this project was just getting everything looking right and turning out the way I wanted it to. It was also pretty tedious to go back into my layers and name everything…that took me a long time (but it felt really satisfying to have done). I think these icons are really fun and I might even submit them to a stock agency or something to hopefully make some money off them!

Infographic for Jamba Juice

Guys. I am so excited about this thing I am about to share with you! I am so proud of the work that I did on it and I think that it looks so cute!

Anyway, now that I am done bragging, I can tell you what this is all about. For my COMM125 class, we are talking about social media and marketing and things alike. For my project, I made an infographic about blueberries (and their health benefits) to promote Jama Juice’s new Blueberry Smoothie. Here is a little more information about my idea:

Company: Jamba Juice
Objective: Promote new Blueberry Smoothie
Strategy: Create infographic showing health benefits of blueberries. Share this infographic across social media profiles and run a promotion that the first 50 commenters will receive a small blueberry smoothie for 50% off.

Draft Process:

Originally, I was going to do something for Coca-Cola because I was doing something for their company last week, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that I liked. So I thought about it for a while more and this idea for a Jama Juice smoothie popped into my head (it also probably helped that I had a Jamba Juice Smoothie on my desk). From there, everything came together so nicely. I thought of what I wanted the colors to be, what images I wanted, and how I wanted the infographic to feel. I was able to sketch something really quick and pull it all together in illustrator.

Critique Process:

With my first draft, I went to my peers and asked what I could do better. They gave me a lot of good feedback on my design, and I feel like the critique I received helped the design to be the awesome thing that it is today. I also helped to critique on a few other peers including: Samantha Haacke, Jaclyn Warnock, and Erin Johnson Hosford.

Final Product:

Here is my revised and final product. I hope you like it as much as I do!


Links to images: blueberry bunchessingle blueberrybowl of blueberries – Jamba Juice Logo

Fonts used: Title – Beyond the Mountains. Body – Znikomit.

10 Reasons Why Photography is the Best Hobby

We all know that photography is pretty cool and you can do some impressive things with a camera…but here are 10 reasons why photography is the best hobby to have.

  1. Feeling of Adventure
    • Getting outside in the wilderness where no on else may have gone is such an amazing feeling. Also, taking a picture of a small detail that nobody else has noticed will bring you incredible fulfillment.


  1. Get Stories
    • Your camera and your feeling of adventure may get you into some interesting situations that will end up as great stories and memories.
  1. Awesome Results
    • It is a really cool feeling to look back at a picture you just took and realize that it is completely awesome! It really makes you want to share it with others and continue that good feeling.


  1. Opportunity to Make Money
    • If you take really good pictures, you can sell them to people or stock agencies to make money. This can be a full-time commitment, or just something you do in your free time.
  1. Universally Understood
    • Everybody understands images, and everyone also knows when a picture is amazing. That fact that that can be shared with everyone around the world is pretty awesome.


  1. Can be Cheap or Expensive
    • You do not have to have a crazy expensive and huge camera to take awesome photos, you can just use your smart phone! But there are options out there to buy some pretty crazy gear to get some amazing photos too! 
  1. Gets you Active
    • Whether it is inside or outside, taking photos gets you off your bum and up doing something. It also keeps your mind entertained and working.


  1. Useful to Know
    • Knowing how to take good pictures is a good skill to have. It can be used for almost any project or activity. It can also be shared with others to help them out.
  1. Learn New Things
    • There is so much out there in the world to learn, as well as a ton of tricks you can do to understand your camera better and take better pictures.


  1. Give You a Sense of Accomplishment
    • Once you finish a photo shoot, and you look back at your pictures and see how many awesome ones you got, there is a real feeling of accomplishment and being proud of yourself.


Photography Practice

Recently, I have been reviewing my photography skills and took some pictures so show some principles. Here are the pictures, and below each image is the principle I was working on:

Outdoor Light
Outdoor Light
Indoor Light
Indoor Light
Foreground Focus
Foreground Focus
Background Focus
Background Focus
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Lead Room
Lead Room

I really love photography, almost as much as I love design! Going out (or in) to find something beautiful or interesting just really fun work that I enjoy. Taking these images was good practice for me to think about what I am trying to achieve, and doing it. Each of these images took fore-thought and after-thought (some of them a little more than others). After taking all of these, I brought them into Lightroom, made a couple of basic edits, and exported them to blog size.

The first image was taken in Utah at Thanksgiving Point during their Tulip festival. I made sure to get the colors in focus and bright, while also making sure the sky wasn’t blown out. The second image was taken in an old house in Bannock, Idaho. The house had some beautiful items, so I set up these mason jars in front of the natural light and took an awesome picture.

The third and fourth images are both of some Melaleuca oil blends. I took the images in a lightbox of mine to get that white background. I adjusted the focus from the foreground to the background to show the differences in focus.

The fifth image I set up at Bannock, Idaho to get some nice leading lines according to the Rule of thirds. The last image is of my husband at Mesa Falls, Idaho. We climbed over the fence to sit on the rocks over looking the falls. This picture is nice because it has some really nice lead room around his head.

Magazine Content and Sketches

In a couple of weeks, I will be creating a magazine spread for an LDS magazine. This week, I created my rough draft and threw some ideas together for what I think I want it to be. For my story, I shared an experience I had a couple years ago that really strengthened my testimony. After I typed out my story, I pulled together some photos that could work with it. Then with my story and photos, I drew up some drafts that I thought would look nice! Here is what I came up with:


When I was about 7 years old, my parents got divorced. It was obviously very hard on me and on the family, but we got through it. I grew up and both my parents remarried and had children of their own. I lived with my mom and my dad lived about an hour away and we would visit him every other weekend. I really enjoyed those visits, they were like a refuge from my regular life. My sisters and I would go over to his house, have pizza every night, watch movies, play at the park, go on bike rides, and just have good quality time with my dad.

Winter of 2013 changed everything though. At the time, my dad was working for Pepsi in Salt Lake City, but he found out that they were closing the warehouse that they had in SLC and transferring people to different locations. Because of this, my dad sat all of us kids down one weekend, to let us know that he got transferred to a position in California. 12 hours away from where he currently lived. 12 hours away from us.

Unsurprisingly, I was shocked by this news. I did not want my dad to move to a far away place and not see him as much. At the time that he told us, the full impact of what this meant had not hit me yet. It did not hit me until I was back at my moms and laying in my bed to go to sleep.

I remember thinking about the news and wondering about what it would mean for my day to day life. I started to realize that I would not get to see him every other weekend, which meant I would not get to eat pizza with him like we used to, or watch movies together like we used to, or play together like we used to. Realizing that everything was going to change, and that I was going to lose my dad again (much like I did in the initial divorce), I started to feel completely heartbroken. I was overwhelmed with sadness that I was not going to see my dad as much and that he was leaving and that everything was about to change.

After a while of crying into my pillow, a memory slipped into my mind of a recent young women’s lesson I’d had. It was on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The particular part of the memory that came back to me was about how Christ’s Atonement could be used to heal all our pain, not just pain caused by sin. With that in mind, I decided to say a prayer.

In this prayer, I asked God if he could take this pain away from me, because I knew that he had already felt what I was feeling and could lift it from my heart. Before closing my prayer, I remember just pausing to fill myself with faith in God and in His Atonement. I closed my prayer and waited. At first, there was no change, but then suddenly, I could literally feel the pain in my heart lift and replace with comfort and love. I remember feeling like I could finally get a deep breath. The way that I felt in that moment compared to how I felt before, was incredible. I felt so calm and comforted, but most of all, I felt an undeniably strong love from God.

After letting the feelings of comfort and love fill me, I made sure to thank God for providing me with this comfort and blessing me with this experience. Once I closed that prayer, I was blessed again with a peaceful sleep. I woke up in the morning with hope and with a deeper testimony in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


Image 1  Image 2

Image 3

Links: Image 1Image 2Image 3


Sketches A and B

Color Scheme: Monochromatic- Blue

Top 10 Stock Photos

Hello people! So I have been working on some stock photography photos that I could upload to a stock agency. These are my best ones yet! They are in order from my best, to my least best. Let me know what you think!

1brittanyriboldi-coloredpencils 2brittanyriboldi-ukelele 3brittanyriboldi-hammer 4brittanyriboldi-wirething 5brittanyriboldi-teacup 6brittanyriboldi-tribalthing 7brittanyriboldi-adele 8brittanyriboldi-pabloshovel 9brittanyriboldi-emzach 10brittanyriboldi-plant

How to Sound Smart in Your TED Talk

Hey people! In this post, I made a little slideshow presentation about a TED Talk that I really like given by Will Stephen. His TED Talk is about how to sound smart in a TED Talk. It is pretty funny! Take a look!

Here is a link to his TED Talk: How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk

Speakers Outline:



As soon as I looked at the instructions on this project and that it was about giving a slideshow about a talk, I knew exactly what talk I wanted to do it on. The “How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk” talk is so funny and also so true! If you have seen any TED Talk you know that this person’s points on how to sound smart are so true! All I had to do was find the talk, watch it, write out the outline, and figure out how I wanted to do the design! Designing this powerpoint took some figuring out. I knew what I basically wanted to do from the beginning, but it took some trial and error to make it just right. Here is my sketching for the slides:



Critique Process: After drawing up my draft, I created my design and shared it with my class and received some helpful feedback! At first, all I had was the geometric shapes and text. But after talking with my class, I decided to put some images in place of some of the geometric shapes. I am grateful for the critique I received because I think it made my design better! I also critiqued Jori Carter and Ryan Trusty and helped them with their designs.


Links to photosStarry Night – Field – Mountain Range – Island – Boardwalk

Fonts Used: Titles- Oliver Regular. Secondary Titles- Basic Title Font.

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